MS Enhanced Carry Certification

Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan
Self-Defense Firearms Basics
Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
The Legal Use of Force
Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
Issuing Authority
Cost for Permit
Renewal Procedure
Permit Requirements
Places off limits when Carrying
Enhanced Permit Endorsement
Places off limits with enhanced carry endorsement
Live Range Fire Exercises


Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

This class looks at defensive shooting verse marksmanship. We will talk some about muscle memory, how to properly grip your firearm, the proper shooting stance. We will also discuss aligning the muzzle to the target through point shooting, flash sight picture, and precise sight alignment. We will talk about trigger control and how it affects hits and misses.

The Legal Use of Force And Dealing With Deadly Encounters

This course looks at the consequences of using deadly force and the consequences of those deadly encounters. We will also cover Gear and Gadgets and Basic and Advanced skills with which to train.


MS Enhanced Carry Certification
COURSE LENGTH: 8 - 9 Hours
Classroom and Live Fire Exercises
COST: $120.00

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MS Enhanced Carry Certification Class

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